James E. Roberts, D.M.D is a native of Birmingham, who has been involved in community activities from an early age: He advanced to the rank of Eagle Scout and was a scout leader as well as leader of his church youth group, and a section leader in high school band.

At Vanderbilt University he was also a band section leader while earning a B.S. in chemistry with a minor in German.

Following his D.M.D degree at UAB School of Dentistry he served three years with the U.S. Army as a general dentist in Germany where his additional duties included preventive dentistry and liaison with the Deutsche Bundeswehr (German Army) and Luftwaffe (Air Force).

Dr. Roberts returned to UAB and earned a certificate in the specialty of Periodontics.

He has a passion for teaching and research both in the university setting by being a member of the facility in periodontics, helping other dentists learn by teaching at multi state conferences and local study clubs for dentists and for dental hygienists.

His work in two major studies on the development and course of periodontal disease and another on the link between periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease have been published in major refereed scientific journals.

The passion for teaching extends not only to patients also to staff members.  One of his proudest accomplishments is mentoring thirty dental assistants into dental school.  It has been most rewarding to see them mature into excellent, caring dentists.

Experience, maturity, and a desire for more knowledge combine hard science with innovation to produce excellence in the search for perfection.

Continuing dental and medical education are major interests:

In March 2009, Dr. Roberts attended a 3-day course in physiology advanced life support and passed a grueling examination in this.  He does this every two years to remain prepared.

In September 2009 the American Academy of Periodontology has its annual meeting in Boston.  These meetings extend for several days to cover the latest in developments and periodontal therapy backed with scientific research.  Dr. Roberts participates in most of these meetings as they are in different areas each year.

He also attends numerous other courses at UAB and other institutions that increase knowledge and expertise every year.

Special Interests:
When you live in another country for four years, you develop an interest in that language and culture.  To know another language is to have twice the life.  Dr. Roberts has maintained friendships in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Great Britain, and Japan that have enhanced his understanding of Europe and Asian history, culture, dentistry, and automobiles.

He has live and traveled extensively in Europe.
He is an accomplished sports car racer having won four SCCA national championships and 7 Historic (HSR) national championships.  He has won 236 races out of 283 he has started, including some professional (IMSA) races.  He was a factory driver for Mazda, Nissan, and Mitsubishi, and was a frequent pro driver for Toyota.

Nowadays he races a 1967 vintage Lotus 47 and Austin-Healey Sprite which regularly beat cars with much larger engines.

He has also recently won an 8 hour N.A.S.A race at Road Atlanta in a Mazda Miata.

This passion for teaching extends to auto sports where he is a racing instructor for Sportscar Vintage Racing Association, Historic Sportscar Racing, NASA, SCCA, Chin Motorsports, PBOC and is a senior instructor for the Porsche Club of America and Ferrari Club of America.  You get to ride in some cool cars, if you can help the owners!

He has been president of the local SCCA, Porsche Club, British Motoring Club, and Mercedes-Benz Club America.  He is on the national board of the Lotus Club and recently hosted a national meeting of the Lotus Club and Mercedes-Benz Club in Birmingham.

Meet Dr. Roberts